Saturday, February 26, 2011


I've been pretty into terrariums for a while now. I was shocked last weekend when we went to Paxton Gate in the Mission and I saw they were selling terrariums in simple Strauss half and half bottles for $38.00 and up. Here are a few photos of the ones I've made - all with containers that were thrift store finds. I have a few more at work that are doing quite well, and I'll try to take a few photos of them soon.

I like to put little guys or structures typically used for bonsai in them. Can you see the doe, the penguin, and the bunny?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Antiquing Like Nobody's Business

I went to the Sacramento Antique Faire this weekend, which is the 2nd Sunday of every month. Sure, it's under the freeway, but it's a pretty great market. I was in search of a file cabinet similar to this one or this one. I'll start the post with some things I didn't buy that I thought were pretty ridiculous, including one that looks like a giant smiling piece of poo. I repeat I did not buy these things:

Now, on to things I did purchase:
1. A triple-decker glass candy jar that I will immediately turn into a triple-decker terrarium. ($4.00)
2. An awesome set of lockers for by the door to stash our shoes, keys, bags, etc. (I've been looking for the right set for some time and these are nice and small and therefore easy to move.) ($75.00, talked down from $95.00)
3. A cute little birdie! ($2.00 - probably too much but I'm always looking for little guys that are just the right size for my small terrariums)
4. Two brand new retro tea towels ($2.00 each, not pictured)
5. Large glass cookie jar, similar to these ones I found last time, but RED and with a painted flower motif ($7.00, also not pictured)